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May 17, 2012 12:00am PDT
on a rugby match that you would put a brown de on the head of opposing players? >> all raptors teams from high school varsity to under 8 years of age have a reputation of competitive and playing hard. but they were offering cash for hard hits surfaced at the raptors under 14 match. >> one of the players hit our player hard which we shot was fine. and he turned to his coach and said how is that, coach? is that good enough for the money? >> he complained to the league's governing body. the northern california youth rugby association, and matte son is the disciplinary chairman. >> it was $20 or $30. but from a kid's perspective whether it is $5 or $500, it is a motivation and that is not appropriate. >> they held a hearing by conference call and they say he denied ever offering a bounty. but a player on the raptors under 14 team and his father came forward to say it is true. they offered that boy and his teammates money for hits that would knock the other players out of the game. >> i was particularly upset that once the investigation began there was some a meeting of some sort telling the k
May 12, 2012 12:00am PDT
-- larger tips than those wearing brown, pink or no lipstick at all. it appeals to men because it is sexy. the presence of red lipstick made no difference on female customers. imagine that. and they spent time studying this. >> larry, your opinion? >> i never leave home without my maybeline. the insanity continues for the a's. a nice crowd to see brandon do it again. sports is next. night giants open the season by getting swept by the diamondbacks. they were back in the desert and it was more of the same. let's start by enjoying the arizona sunset. beautiful. cabrera in the first and gone. solo shot off corbin, his second homer of the year. that's all they got all night. bottom of five and it is gold member. gold schmidt with his second of the year. 4-1d backs. this is a moment he will never forget. his first career homer and this is funny. he gets the silent treatment from his teammates. okay, buddy, all right. going back to last year the d backs have beaten the giants nine straight times. break out the face paint. the a's and tigers and 26,000 at the coliseum. a 2-2 game and it is rippe
May 26, 2012 12:00am PDT
suspension span. during a celebration today, governor brown says we shouldn't be afraid of bold projects even in times of hardship. >> don't shrink because you have a few little budget cuts or a few little taxes. you know, suck it in. >> a plaque altering a person was unveiled today. he designed the bridge and right hand handyman of joseph strauss who designed the bridge. >> there are only a handful of people that can look at it and saying their grandfather worked on it. >> or fewer still that they fell from it. >> heather ishimaru has an amazing story. >> al was already a seasoned iron worker by the time this picture was taken on the froj proj in 1935. >> one of the first spans in the bay area. >> he worked on jobs across the western states becoming not just an iron worker but a bridge man, working at heights in the elements hanging steel and driving rivets. >> they always would say, you would have a drink or say, 90% guts and 10% no how. >> and then he spotted his next job. >> they could see the towers going up in the golden gate. they said we got to get on. they want to get on the big job.
May 29, 2012 12:00am PDT
mountain side in idaho. firefighters brian brown his wife and their daughter heather were on their way from sacramento to mountain home idaho when the cessna went down saturday night. after the crash the girl was able to call 911. listen. >> hi. i'm in an airplane and i crashed. i need you to send a search party, please. >>reporter: polite and calm. rescuers tracked the 6 foot snow drift and on 60 degree slopes in order to reach the crash site. so it was quite rugged terrain. family spent 15 hours in white out conditions building a fire ceiling off the cabin to keep warm. military helicopter hoisted them tout safety. now recovering from various injuries but they should all be okay. unmostly clear what caused the cessna to go down. >> cal-trans says it will reopen the bridge at 3:00 o'clock this morning. 2 hours ahead of schedule. bridge closed friday for seismi retrofitting as we reported. crew have been installing flexible joints that will act as shack absorbers when the next quake hits. 60 million dollar retrofit project started 2 years ago. cal-trans expects to finish
May 15, 2012 12:00am PDT
to them. >> governor brown wants to raise taxes while cutting spending to close a larger than expected state budget deficit of almost 16 billion dollars governor released the revised budget next fiscal year today. proposal include 5 percent pay cuts for state employees that could mean furlough days and cutting court budget more than half billion dollars in part by delaying construction projects. schools stand to get 16 percent increase if voters pass new taxes or lose 5 and half billion dollars if they don't l. >> we have to cut deeper but cutting alone doesn't really do it. that's why i'm linking these serious budget reduction. real increased austerity with a plea to the voters please increase taxes temporarily. >> deficit worse in part because the state over estimated tax revenue projection. >> the president will make fourth appearance tomorrow on the view in part discussing his views on same sex marriage. walters asked him about the defensive marriage act as defining legal union between ma'am man and woman. >> my justice kept he has said sought courts we don't think the defense of
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5